Santi Storm – Cyber Boy

Hyper-pop icon Santi Storm returns with vivid offering 'Cyber Boy'

Hyper-pop icon Santi Storm returns with vivid offering ‘Cyber Boy’

London based international drag performer, TikToker and Hyper Pop star Santi Storm is a complete visionary in vibrant new single ‘Cyber Boy.

Known for their candy coloured, cute aesthetic and highly energetic music, Santi plays the part of both Barbie and Ken.

Speaking about the iconic new single, Santi Storm shares, “The story of Cyber Boy is about falling in love with someone online and fantasising about meeting them.

It’s about wanting to jump through a computer screen into cyberspace and joining that person in a virtual reality fantasy world and flying off together in happiness.

But it’s mainly about fantasising about this concept and that person who you only have an online relationship with.

It’s about dreaming of a fake world that you so wish to be in, with a person who you don’t even know but you love.”

“Cyber Boy ” comes across as a song that refuses to be left on any shelf. Bathed in bubblegum, hyper pop sensibilities, the track may have Santi Storm thinking of their dream fantasy, but we think it could become a reality very soon.

An artist that’s destined for greatness simply because they stand up for what they believe in, this LGBTQ+ icon uses music as a form of escapism.

Written in a time of need, this glistening offering will have you dancing in no time.