Space Tyger – Velvet

Space Tyger is back with second alt-pop single of the year 'Velvet'

Space Tyger is back with second alt-pop single of the year ‘Velvet’

Kyle Bragwell, aka the mastermind behind project Space Tyger, is back with his second single of the year, ‘Velvet‘.

A passionate synth-pop offering that is instantly recognised as Kyle’s, the track is as smooth as the title suggest.

Straight off the mark with an enchanting soundscape, the jiving number is coupled with a percussive rhythm section and glistening synthesisers.

Fitted around Kyle’s velvet coated vocals, the upbeat track hones his signature sound perfectly.

Sharing his thoughts on the track, Space Tyger explains, “I wrote the instrumental for this on a very rare snow day in Alabama. A lot of people came over to our house and made a whole day of it.

Meanwhile I was upstairs in the studio while everyone was out in the snow.  I also was pretty anti-social when everyone came back to the house. Later me and Austin Motlow worked out some melodies and I wrote the lyrics.

Ironically it’s written about waiting on someone to come over. That feeling of someone you can’t get out of your head and anticipate getting to see again.” 

Charming and entirely his own, this stylish number has stardom written all over it.