The Flycatchers – Flowers & Weeds

Oklahoma based outfit The Flycatchers unleash indie-pop infused EP 'Flowers & Weeds'

Oklahoma based outfit The Flycatchers unleash indie-pop infused EP ‘Flowers & Weeds’

The perfect combination of singer-songwriter and indie-pop vibes, The Flycatchers return with authentic EP ‘Flowers & Weeds’

Recorded in a small production studio inside a house, Flowers & Weeds was strictly recorded in bedrooms using different interfaces and recording software.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Phoebe Bridgers, The Killers, Tom Petty, Coldplay and Jason Isbell, the five-track EP certainly has something for everyone.

Speaking about the release, lead songwriter Chris Jones shares, “this is nothing more than a gift from inspiration. I have been working on a new record for some time now and these songs came right towards the end of that process.

I couldn’t sit on them and needed an outlet. So I decided to record them. What better way to set up some discussion about The Flycatchers before the upcoming record release?

This sound was such a left turn from our previous record but I think you’ll find that to be normal for us. I’ve always loved music and never defined myself by a category or genre. Everything started with the first track flowers & weeds. 

I had these ideas after a trip to Colorado and an amazing experience with psilocybin mushrooms. Isaac Stalling and I put our heads together and he produced that track. Most everything was recorded in a bedroom. Demons was just about admitting to my battle with depression, at that time.

Everything else was an idea to wrap the ideas in a way that made them feel complete. The entire EP is only 12 minutes. Just long enough to feel complete while being short enough to demand the listener’s attention. It’s a beautiful compromise and one of my favorite records I’ve made to date.”

Dive headfirst into an extraordinary experience with glistening elements – ‘Flowers & Weeds’ is armed with a huge amount of euphoria.