TREZR – Cold

There's nothing 'Cold' about TREZR's debut single

There’s nothing ‘Cold’ about TREZR’s debut single

Dallas based trio TREZR storm onto the scene with their addictive debut, ‘Cold’. Combining a polished attire with serenading melodies and vocals, this outfit are certainly meaning business.

Consisting of Collin on guitar, Trey on lead vocals and Will on bass, TREZR are an exciting youthful band with a glistening future ahead.

Leading the way through mind-bending nostalgia and refreshing indie, “Cold” provides listeners with a guiding light to get through any hurdles.

Speaking more on the track, TREZR explained, “Cold is a story of love fading with time and the struggle of letting go of something that is no longer there.

This song synthesizes elements of winter with emotions of heartbreak to convey the elongation of a broken relationship.”

A bold statement and a strong debut that could easily make them indie royalty, TREZR deserve wide recognition.

Dropping worldwide tomorrow, 2021 is looking huge for TREZR and armed with some well-needed positive energy.