Wise John – Afterglow

Wise John reveals his latest power-ballad in the form of 'Afterglow'

Wise John reveals his latest power-ballad in the form of ‘Afterglow’

Detailing the helplessness of catching feelings in something casual, “Afterglow” describes that moment in which the joy of intimacy with someone you’re beginning to love fades into grief.

Grief due to knowing they don’t actually care about you in the same way you do with them.

The indie-esque number features a gorgeous, modern production that artists such as Phoebe Bridgers would be jealous of.

Armed with a gorgeous string arrangement, subtleties in each instrument and a soft falsetto delivery, it’s a cinematic number perfect for the silver screen.

Speaking about the new release, Wise John shares, “One of my favorite live show moments came when I introduced Afterglow to a Valentine’s Day crowd, by asking if anyone had come on a first date or with a new partner.

After a couple folks cheered, I told them, “I truly believe that at least one of you will have a lovely couple of evenings and then find your feelings unreciprocated by your date”, and then immediately started into the song.

It got a decent laugh. I like my little jokes. But I feel like it also represents the song pretty well–it’s a heartbreaker with a little sense of humor. Not so much it gets in the way of the feeling. Just enough.”