Wolves – The Dream That Woke

Wolves releases angelic new single 'The Dream That Woke'

Wolves releases angelic new single ‘The Dream That Woke’

Bedroom pop artist Wolves unveils delicate new single ‘The Dream That Woke’.

Armed with a DIY approach to songwriting, recording and production, this ethereal track radiates Wolves’ enchanting vocals.

Professionally produced entirely on her phone and computer, the track comes as a helping hand for the artist.

Serving as a reminder that music is the guiding light for millions across the globe, ‘The Dream That Woke’ is a dreamlike single with an angelic arrangement.

We spoke to Wolves about the release and she had this to say, “The Dream That Woke” was born from a painful and prolonged breakup. When you’re in a relationship and care deeply about someone, it can feel like the whole world is nothing but a dream, but when that dream comes to an end, you find yourself being hit in the face by reality.

With no sure path forward, you tend to look back and long for what you had. This song was a way for me to work through all those feelings of dejection and regret, and push myself onto a new path.”

Not only passionate about music, but this songstress also loves the world of cinematography, painting, upcycling fashion and gaming.

“The Dream That Woke” is a therapeutic listen with glistening melodies and distinctive instrumentation.

Stream the track at the top of this page, and keep bedroom pop at the front of the scene.