Yes Kid – More Bearable

Get a taste of Yes Kid's impending debut EP a day early with the thoughtful and introspective 'More Bearable'

Get a taste of Yes Kid’s impending debut EP a day early with the thoughtful and introspective ‘More Bearable’

Photgraphy © Eva B. Ross

Yael Kaufman, better known under the moniker Yes Kid, has carved out a small niche for herself with her bulletproof cocktail of her soft voice, endearing guitar-led melodies and thoughtful, poignant lyricism. The LA artist is in her pomp on ‘More Bearable’, writing raw and introspective indie pop that allows the artist to lay bare her vulnerability and infectious personality,

“This tune came together fairly quickly, actually. It burst out of a moment of total annoyance with myself. I was sitting around feeling all this self-pity and frustration  over really dumb shit, and I just started thinking… how did I get here? This is ridiculous.” Yes Kid told CLOUT

“It wasn’t really supposed to be on the EP because the tracks had already sort of been decided by then, but I played it for my producer (Joel Manduke) and we decided it fit too well, so here we are!

“In terms of the song’s meaning, I guess it’s sort of about those moments when your mind just won’t let something go, so you end up in this weird, incessant spiral that morphs small annoyances into monumental problems and somehow triggers other spirals along the way.

“Anyway, to me, even though these moments can be really frustrating, they can also be kind of funny, and once everything’s calmed down I usually find that I’m laughing at myself. So this is an ode to those laughably frustrating moments and the people who tend to shake you out of them.”

It is this candid honesty and authenticity that really pushes the track into a league of its own. While its rousing melodies drive the track forwards, it is the deftness in which Yes Kid articulates her emotions in a relateable and familiar way that sets the track up for lasting appeal.

With the talented singer-songwriter’s debut EP I Need a Minute available tomorrow, you can bet that the offering will be packed with more emotional, resonating and thoroughly enjoyable tracks like ‘More Bearable’.