Rosina Buck makes a powerful return on heartbreaking new single ‘Like A Lion’

The track is the artist's first release in eight years. 

The track is the artist’s first release in eight years.

‘Like A Lion’ is the first release from Rosina Buck since 2015, and feels like something of a landmark release for the artist. The track is wrapped in pain, catharsis, messiness and above all honesty, as the artist explores the painful final days of a doomed relationship and the associated heartbreak and struggle.

The track feels equal parts vulnerable and powerful, with her dreamy brand of alternative folk masking the gravity and intensity of her lyrics, making for this interesting dichotomy between the aesthetic and the content that feels endlessly haunting. The track was written six years ago now, just before the artist was admitted to residential rehab, but the wounds and the emotion feel as fresh as ever, buoyed by a sound that feels melodic but with this looming melancholy sense of doom hanging over it. ‘Like A Lion’ is a track that you could pick apart and analyse for hours on end thanks to its interesting contrasts and its heartbreaking narrative, and showcases the storytelling and songwriting talent of an artist who has locked both away for some time.