‘Lemon Tree’ is a wonderfully romantic apocalypse-anthem from Ruth Lyon

The track is from the artist's upcoming EP, Nothing’s Perfect, out on October 22nd

The track is from the artist’s upcoming EP, Nothing’s Perfect, out on October 22nd

Singer-songwriter and disability activist Ruth Lyon has been making waves as of late with her unique brand on baroque-pop and refreshingly candid and honest writing. Latest release ‘Lemon Tree’ is in equal parts both an upbeat, carefree occasion and an apocalyptic nightmare.

There is an endearing and earnest quality to the sound and especially the artist’s now characteristically grounded and confessional lyrics. It’s a track about the end of the world sure, but it’s also a track about transcendent love that can outlast and outlive anything, and there is something weirdly reassuring about that. When packaged in such a sunny and colourful indie pop sound, and stacked full of irresistible melodies and such bizarrely laid-back, great vibes, ‘Lemon Tree’ makes for a astounding and confounding track that provides much more than meets the eye.

Speaking about the single, Ruth said “despite it’s upbeat vibes, this is actually an apocalypse anthem! It’s about finding that person in your life that makes you feel so good that even the end of the world couldn’t bring you down. When everything turns to shit and there’s nothing left, meet me where you’ll know I’ll be, under the lemon tree. That’s how I like to envisage the end anyway!”