‘Kukachu’ is the addictive new single from emerging indie outfit Sad Boys Club

The track is taken from their forthcoming EP.

The track is taken from their forthcoming EP.

London’s Sad Boys Club have been on a rapid ascent over the last few years, and with tracks like ‘Kukachu’ seemingly coming from a conveyor belt of indie-pop gold, it is easy to see why.

The track is both emphatic and measured, painting the introspective melancholy of The Cure with a contemporary indie-pop gloss that sounds both fresh and familiar. In a crowded 2019 indie scene, Sad Boys Club have carved out a unique and captivating sound, and with forthcoming EP four shades of the transitional phase, the sky looks to be the limit for the sad boys.

“The song is set in that space of time after a life-changing moment where days and weeks sort of turn into the same thing” explains frontman Jacob Wheldon. “There’s an aimlessness as you exit one orbit of focus and wait to fall or find another, things slide in and out of view and you maybe lose yourself for a bit only to find something more meaningful.”

‘Kukachu’ is available now.