Salt Ashes is ‘counting crosses’ on her intense new single

Vega Sanchez returns with the title track from her new EP!

Vega Sanchez returns with the title track from her new EP!

One of the best independent pop artists about right now, Salt Ashes returns with her single ‘counting crosses’, the title track from her new EP.

The alter-ego of singer-songwriter Vega Sanchez, this latest outing is the first to be shared since last year’s ‘Totally Faking’. Emitting intense basslines and skittish beats, ‘counting crosses’ conjures an intense and unrestful atmosphere that dramatically ebbs and flows. Offset with Sanchez’ ever glacial vocal, the track is expansive and anthemic.

“Another artist and friend of mine, Roseanne Lewis and I, got home at 3am after a night out, and we messed around on one of my synths in my bedroom and this fell out of us,” shares Sanchez of how her track came to life. “We demo’d it there and then; I whispered the vocals out so we didn’t wake up our housemates and we stayed up until 7am finishing it because we were so hyped.

“Louis Souyave produced it and brought it to life,” she continues. “I’ve never had someone so in my head and understanding exactly what I want more than him. It was very collaborative too which makes me even more in love with the record as a whole.”

‘counting crosses’ and the EP of the same name are both available now via Radikal Records.