‘wasting my time’ is an empowered and defiant new pop single from SAPPHIRE

The track is from the exciting artist's lauded new EP test drive.

The track is from the exciting artist’s lauded new EP test drive.

Having spent the second half of 2023 releasing singles from an upcoming new EP, SAPPHIRE has finally released test drive, a rousing and engrossing collection of tracks that showcase the artist at her poppiest, most relatable and most focussed, making for her greatest work to date.

The first track on the EP is the focus single ‘wasting my time’, a track that is packed full of joyous pop hooks and an affable, infectious sheen and appeal. Everything here from the colourful soundscape, to the glossy production, to the empowering nature of the lyrics and vibrant vocals feels like the ushering in of an exciting era on the EP. SAPPHIRE is an artist who has faced her share of hate and disparaging comments online in the past, and this track feels like the embodiment of somebody rising from the ashes of their former self and emerging more resilient and powerful than ever before, unbothered, open and honest about who she is.