Sara continues to shine on second single ‘Lovable Maybe’

The track follows Sara's well received debut 'Little Nerves'

The track follows Sara’s well received debut ‘Little Nerves’

‘Lovable Maybe’ is a pristine example of everything that appeals about Hertfordshire’s Sara and her unique indie pop sound.

The track is candid and vulnerable, and offsets these themes with its often unusual, but always captivating musical arrangements. ‘Lovable Maybe’ delves lyrically into subjects like mental health, loneliness and sexuality, with a nuanced, understated poise. The track is enjoyable and easy to listen to on the surface, but gets increasingly rewarding the more attention you pay to it, and the more that you delve into the thoughtful, often heartbreaking lyrics.

“Lovable Maybe is largely about grappling with mental health while trying to maintain a healthy relationship,” comments Sara about her new single. “Contamination OCD makes it incredibly difficult to share a space with anyone, let alone maintain long-term relationships. The song is the story of how I found someone that loves me despite my flaws, all the while examining how I don’t feel worthy of that love. The song is pretty much one big warning label where I’m double checking if this person really wants to be with me.”