‘Nightmare’ is a haunting new break up anthem from emerging artist Sarah Anna Fernandez

The track follows the artist's lauded 2022 release 'Drowning'.

The track follows the artist’s lauded 2022 release ‘Drowning’.

With its really unique atmospheric setting and immersive sense of appeal, latest Sarah Anne Fernandez provides a distinctive perspective on relationships, heartbreak, and break ups, with the emerging artist shining on the new release.

‘Nightmare’ is a track that channels all of the emotions and feelings that come with a break up, both vulnerable and powerful, confident and insecure, all while feeling entirely real and captivating. There is a really haunting feel to the electronic soundscape here that has a really empowering and anthemic quality to it, as the track highlights an artist that is finding her groove and her spark and ultimately, re-finding herself following a break up. There is a real sense of composure and coolness to the sound, and it makes for a really compelling and exciting new pop release that has bags of charm and signals a world of promise for the upstart artist.