‘Billboards On Sunset’ is a vibrant and fun new release from Sarah Reeves

The track is from the artist's lauded new album Best Days.

The track is from the artist’s lauded new album Best Days.

With the release of her lush and effortlessly memorable new album Best Days, Nashville artist Sarah Reeves continues to etch out her legacy as an artist who’s varied and creative brand of pop continues to evolve and surprise listeners.

A highlight on the album is the single ‘Billboards On Sunset’, an instantly catchy and infectious release that showcases the optimistic shine and rousing appeal of her sound. There is a vulnerable nature to the lyricism throughout the album and this track encapsulates that, melding its catchy melodies with thoughtful lyrics surrounding love and unrealistic expectations. There is so much to love about the track and things that make it feel engrossing and relatable, continuing to set Sarah Reeves apart thanks to the charisma, personality and heart that goes into her sound.