Sea Girls ask ‘Why Won’t You Admit’?

The single is from the new EP 'Under The Exit Lights'!

The single is from the new EP Under The Exit Lights!

Sea Girls return once again with their latest single ‘Why Won’t You Admit’. The track comes from their stellar new EP Under The Exit Lights!

Opening with a jaunty guitar riff, ‘Why Won’t You Admit’ is a feel-good tour-de-force made for a live setting (but unfortunately for us, the band have had to – responsibly – cancel their upcoming tour). Underpinned by punchy drumbeats and catchy melodies, the single is crammed full of energy and will no doubt propel the band’s trajectory in the coming year. Prepare your ears!

“The lyrics for these songs draw their soul from my life of late nights and the mornings after – about being young and going out a lot,” frontman Henry Camamile explains. “It involves dark thoughts, anxiety, but ends in hope, positivity and optimism.”

‘Why Won’t You Admit’ and Sea Girls’ new EP Under The Exit Lights is out now via Universal / Polydor.