‘After The Masquerade’ is a creative and genre-defying new release from Shaela Miller

The track is from the Alberta artist's upcoming new LP of the same name.

The track is from the Alberta artist’s upcoming new LP of the same name.

Melding new wave and classic country to distinctive and rousing effect, Alberta artist Shaela Miller has crafted a sincere and unique sound that does a really stellar job of showcasing her appeal and charm as an artist, with the artist continuously releasing immersive tracks that highlight her allure.

The latest release from the artist is ‘After The Masquerade’, a stirring, synth-driven track that really drives home the more modern and contemporary aspects of Shaela’s new wave sound. The dark undercurrent of the track’s narrative is juxtaposed neatly by the rousing and intoxicating nature of the sound, creating this really interesting feel and further establishing the artist’s charm and appeal as a songwriter and storyteller. The track and its video have this truly haunting and powerful quality that captures you from the moment that it begins and never lets up.

“I wrote this song, knowing it would be the title track to my album.” Shaela says of the new single. “The title is strong and paints a beautiful scope for the imagination. The song tackles important subject matter, not often talked about – yet experienced by many. It tells a story of misinterpreted consent that evolves into feelings of shame and helplessness. I hope when my listeners hear this song, they hear the story. I hope it makes people think, and I hope it helps people feel a little less alone.”