‘In My Dreams’ is a stirring and deeply personal new release from Shaela Miller

The track is from the artist's brand new album After The Masquerade

The track is from the artist’s brand new album After The Masquerade

The focus track from the artist’s long-awaited new album After The Masquerade, latest Shaela Miller single ‘In My Dreams’ is a poignant and potent exploration of grief that follows in the footsteps of its predecessor ‘Mourning Tonight’.

The track takes on more of an anthemic and soaring route than the track that came before it, but the heart-wrenching emotion and sense of gravity shines through all the same. The track builds in rousing fashion, with the synths and stirring basslines that Shaela’s sound is growing known for doing a great job of creating an atmospheric appeal that such a deeply personal track deserves. Shaela Miller has been on an excellent run of form as she has uncovered tracks from her album as of late, and the release of the LP in full looks to have unearthed even more thoughtful and dynamic work from the Canadian artist.

“I tragically lost my friend in April 2021. It truly devastated me and my inner circle of friends. I have written several songs about this loss to help me process my grief, and to honour him and pay tribute to his glory. These songs are all on After The Masquerade. 

I wrote In My Dreams after I woke up from the most vivid and intense dream about him. When I awoke, I was crippled with the pain of losing him all over again. In My Dreams is an epic, anthemic song that comes straight from the saddest and most vulnerable place in my heart.”