Sleepy Gonzales embark on a hazy daydream in ‘Motorbike’

It's their third single of the year following their 2019 EP 'mellowtrauma'...

It’s their third single of the year following their 2019 EP mellowtrauma

Transporting listeners to dreamy lands, ‘Motorbike’ is the third single of 2020 by Sleepy Gonzales. It follows last year’s EP mellowtrauma.

Lucid guitar work creates a sense of soothing comfort, underpinned by steady drumbeats and smatterings of decorative synth. Innocent and hopeful vocals lackadaisically meander across ‘Motorbike’s hazy melodies, whilst the lyrics paint a picture of a whimsical daydream. Before you’re aware, you’re whisked away to disparate lands.

“Motorbike is not just a machine. Motorbike has a soul,” say Sleepy Gonzales. “Motorbike comes alive the first time the throttle twists and dies the last time the key gets pulled from ignition. The sellouts of the world treat Motorbike as commodity, as a means of getting from point ‘A’ to point ‘B.’

“I pity them, because they will die convinced they understand Motorbike’s true power and beauty, when all they understand is greed. Did I say Motorbike? I meant music.”

‘Motorbike’ is available now via Light Organ Records.