‘WET PAINT’ is a slick and catchy new release from SOFY

The single is from the exciting artist's lauded new mixtape Chaos & Commotion.

The single is from the exciting artist’s lauded new mixtape Chaos & Commotion.

With the release of her stellar new mixtape Chaos & Commotion, rising UK artist SOFY has confirmed her status as one of the region’s most exciting rising artists and premiere talents, boasting a body of work that is packed front to back full of immersive indie pop bops and cutting edge sensibilities.

One of these tracks is the single ‘WET PAINT’, a hip-hop inclined single about wanting what you can’t have and being desperate to touch the metaphorical wet paint that you know that you’re not supposed to. The cool edge of the sound and the relatable nature of the lyrics are something that SOFY fans will have come to expect by now, but this track has a distinctive kind of slickness and lyrical flair that makes it stand out and reminds us and why she is heralded as being so exciting and innovative. From her unique humour, to her endlessly catchy sound, to her charismatic glow, SOFY is a one of a kind artist who continues to demonstrate it on each new release.