Sophia Bavishi single ‘ya we broke up’ gets a stunning new acoustic reimagining

The artist's 2021 debut single gets a gorgeous piano-led reworking.

The artist’s 2021 debut single gets a gorgeous piano-led reworking.

Back in the beginning of 2021, Sophia Bavishi released her stunning debut single ‘Ya We Broke Up’, highlighting the thoughtful appeal and powerful writing that the artist possesses, taking listeners on a captivating journey through a breakup at the artist looks to rebuild and move onto something new.

The latest single from the artist is a gorgeous, stripped-back version of the track that compliments the more potent aspects of the sound perfectly. This piano-led version of the track puts all of the emphasis on the artist’s immersive lyrics and the captivating charisma of the artist and her delivery, making for an engrossing and beguiling listening experience that accentuates her charm and prowess. This sense of rawness adds a completely new dimension to the track and the artist’s appeal, providing a real sense of gravity and an affable vulnerability to a track that was previously a more bouncy affair. This new version of the track showcases Sophia at her most empowered and unabashed, and shines a light on the progress that she has made as an artist over the last two years.