Sprints perk up the mundanity of life with ‘Kissing Practise’

The Dublin rockers pucker up - mwah!

The Dublin rockers pucker up – mwah!

Sprints¬†celebrate ye olde Valentine’s Day with the release of new single ‘Kissing Practise’. Pucker up for the Dublin four-piece, eh?

Taking influence from your favourite modern post-punk bands such as Fontaines D.C and Viagra Boys, the outfit bring all the energy of the sub-genre and splice it with catchy melodies for maximum impact. Lead by vocalist KC, ‘Kissing Practise’ is a rattle-stop tour-de-force that doesn’t compromise her punchy delivery.

Propelled forth by pummelling drums and rousing basslines, it’s all topped off with some unabashed riffage; nice stuff.

‘Kissing Practise’ is available now.