‘Dear Lover’ is the gripping and affecting new single from SSUN

The track is from the artist's stunning debut EP Eclipse.

The track is from the artist’s stunning debut EP Eclipse.

SSUN is an artist that has established herself as a pop powerhouse right out of the gate the awe-inspiring and deeply affecting debut music video ‘Dear Lover’,

The track is a showcase of the artist’s sound in its most stripped back and authentic form, showcasing her voice and her writing amid gorgeous piano balladry. ‘Dear Lover’ is a wonderful example of how less can often be more, and sometimes that often track and a voice as powerful as this can speak for itself, with no need for any kind of bells or whistles or distractions. This is raw and impassioned art that does a beautiful job of establishing SSUN and is the perfect place to start when discovering her sound.

“This project was specifically made so anyone can apply their own feelings to the music.” SSUN has said of her work. “Whether you’re on the road or at a party and you’re feeling motivated and carefree or you’re alone and hiding yourself from the world to have a good cry. I wanted to give everyone something for themselves”