‘Bruises’ is the latest emphatic alternative anthem from Strange Company

The Welsh band's debut album Metaphysical Love is out now. 

The Welsh band’s debut album Metaphysical Love is out now.

I’m kind of making a habit of writing about every single that emerging UK alternative outfit Strange Company release, and with their debut album Metaphysical Love now released, it would almost be rude to stop now. The Swansea outfit have established themselves as one of a new breed of energetic and dynamic bands emerging right now, hungry for an audience for their emphatic sounds, and this album could be that defining moment that truly puts them on the map.

The latest single from the LP is their new single ‘Bruises’. The track showcases more of their Jeckyll and Hyde vocals and sees them ramp up the intensity and urgency in all of the right places. The drive and fierceness of the track has seen it become a staple at their live shows, and throughout their tracks, there is a palpable feeling that being among a group of sweaty, like-minded individuals is the best way to hear the full extent of their driving sound. ‘Bruises’ sees Strange Company continue to showcase their modern slant on alternative rock, and fans of metalcore, post-hardcore and any kind of melodic, heavy music are sure to find a lot to love here.