‘Bad Weather’ is an engrossing and sombre new release from Tessa Rae

The track is from the rising artist's upcoming debut EP Sweetly, Softly. 

The track is from the rising artist’s upcoming debut EP Sweetly, Softly.

From the quirky instrumentation to the thoughtful nuance of her vocals and lyrics, everything about new Tessa Rae single ‘Bad Weather’ highlights the distinctive charm and appeal of the artist as we gear towards the release of her debut EP Sweetly, Softly.

There is a quietly anthemic feel to the sound throughout, with the artist’s charming appeal and vulnerable lyrics about personal struggles with mental health, addiction, and co-dependency making for an engrossing coming of age anthem that shines in its authenticity. This poignant narrative and the sobering themes create a stark juxtaposition with the sweetness of the artist’s vocals throughout, making for a nuanced and multi-faceted listening experience. Tessa’s indie pop sound has earned her tonnes of acclaim and respect to date, and what we’ve heard so far from her upcoming EP has it poised to continue to take the artist to soaring new heights.