‘i don’t miss you’ is Tessa Rae at her most anthemic and empowered

The track is the artist's fourth release of a busy 2021

The track is the artist’s fourth release of a busy 2021

LA artist Tessa Rae is something of a chameleon when it comes to genre and style, often skirting from poignant pop balladry to anthemic bangers between releases, and her latest offering ‘i don’t miss you’ falls into the latter category.

The rousing and empowering release is an energetic and cathartic realisation that you don’t need the person you’ve been longing for all along. Flanked with memorable, bouncy instrumentation and delivering one of her most assured vocal performances to date, ‘i don’t miss you’ finds Tessa Rae at her most powerful and defiant as she continues to establish the multitude of facets to her sound.