‘Secret Language’ is a longing and immersive new release from Tessa Rae

The powerful new release is from the artist's upcoming new EP Sweetly, Softly

The powerful new release is from the artist’s upcoming new EP Sweetly, Softly

On her latest single ‘Secret Language’, exciting artist Tessa Rae plays with the conventions and our expectations of acoustic ballads, exploring a love that never quite was by blurring the lines of reality and fantasy in engrossing fashion.

The experimental nature of the track does nothing to detract from its emotional core however, and the stirring nature of the artist’s vocals and bittersweet and intimate nature of the narrative makes for a release that feels compelling from the offset. Sometimes the most painful and difficult experiences are the ones that we never get to see out or experience at all, and the artist perfectly captures the melancholy nature of this feeling with a sense of longing and anguish that feels harrowingly relatable.