‘Til Death Do Us Part’ is an explosive new release from Dutch hard rock outfit The Damned Few

The track is from the band's upcoming debut album. 

The track is from the band’s upcoming debut album.

On their emphatic new single ‘Til Death Do Us Part’, Overijssel hard rock band The Damned Few continue to showcase their riff-laden, powerful sound and why it has won them so many admirers over the last half a decade.

The colossal nature of the instrumental lends itself perfectly to the all-encompassing vocals of singer Dion Legebeke making for an old school rock n roll sound that feels as timeless as it does cutting edge and exciting. The dynamic and explosive nature of the riffs melds really nicely with the bluesy and more melodic natures of the sound, making for an end result that feels almost overwhelming in its range and sheer force. The multi-faceted track and range of creative ideas and moments highlights an band that are ready to take the world by storm and make a real statement, and with their debut LP set for release later this year, that could be a very real possibility.