‘Stay With Me’ is a track that sees The Shrubs continue to push the boundaries of their unique sound

The track is from the Houston band's creative and engrossing new album Echoes of a Dream

The track is from the Houston band’s creative and engrossing new album Echoes of a Dream

Their meticulously crafted and innovative sound has made Houston psychedelic rock outfit The Shrubs into a celebrated act of the last few years, revered for the creative and expansive nature of their sound and their captivating blend of psychedelic rock and traditional pop and rock structures that pushes boundaries and knows seemingly no bounds to where they will go.

Their new album Echoes of a Dream is one that is full of the kind of experimentation and guile that they are known for, perhaps more so than ever, and their latest single ‘Stay With You’ is a great track to showcase the enduring appeal of their unique sound. The track has an air of atmospheric darkness and an aura that surrounds it and feels enchanting and captivating, making the most of the addition of new member and third vocalist Sophie to craft harmonies that feel as stirring and memorable as they are melancholy and haunting throughout. The track is a complex and powerful single from a band who continue to push their sound into increasingly unique and interesting directions, making for a sound that feels entirely their own throughout the single, and the album as a whole.

“Over the course of the next two years, we slowly wrote and revised the tracks until we had a collection of songs that we were really, really happy with,” the band say of the new album. “We really spent a lot of time in our studio adding lots of little layers and strange sounds in the background of most of the tracks to help build the atmosphere, making each one, for the most part, a little world unto itself.”