‘Beach Babe’ is an immersive new single from rising UK singer-songwriter Tom Skinner

The track is the second single off the artist's upcoming debut EP I'm sad so I guess I'll overshare on the internet

The track is the second single off the artist’s upcoming debut EP I’m sad so I guess I’ll overshare on the internet

Gradually establishing his lush vocals and expansive, thoughtful songwriting through a steady raft of releases, rising UK singer-songwriter Tom Skinner is an artist who has an air of authenticity and charm that feels compelling from every facet of his sound, boasting a dynamic and memorable sound that is full of conviction and heart.

The latest single from the artist is ‘Beach Babe’, an indie pop gem that packs style and substance in equal measure, with the artist’s assured vocals and immersive lyrics drawing you in and submerging you in his intoxicating sonic world. From the warmness of the soundscape to the lush harmonies and melodies, there is a lot to sink your teeth in here and fall in love with, as the fledgling artist continues to showcase just what makes him feel so special.