‘CHANGE UR MIND’ is the longing new release from Vance Eris

The track follows his acclaimed second single 'HOT FUDGE'.

The track follows his acclaimed second single ‘HOT FUDGE’.

Self-proclaimed “studio rat” Vance Eris is rapidly establishing his uniquely polished brand of thoughtful indie pop. His initial releases ‘ATHENA’ and the CLOUT championed ‘HOT FUDGE’ have done a great job of showcasing the emerging artist and what he is about, and his latest release ‘CHANGE UR MIND’ continues to show us exactly why people are sitting up and taking notice of the artist.

The new track is as heartbroken and emotional resonating as it is memorable, with the artist grappling with feelings of abandonment and the process of a loved one moving out of your life. There is a beautiful, restrained sense of chaos throughout the track, and Vance is growing into a fully formed star that is ready to emerge into the spotlight.