‘Mario’ is a nostalgic and innovative new release from hotly-tipped R&B artist Vanda

The track is the upcoming artist's third release of 2022.

The track is the upcoming artist’s third release of 2022.

All of the things that make emerging R&B/ bedroom-pop artist Vanda‘s sound feel so enticing and engaging is on full display on the new single ‘MARIO’.

The track is anchored by a slick beat and an effortlessly atmospheric and cool R&B backdrop, with thoughtful, nostalgic lyrics about friendships and summer nights doing magic mushrooms radiate good vibes and effortlessly fun appeal. ‘Mario’ feels as innovative and forward-thinking as it is infectious, with unique sounds and quirky little sonic moments providing a real sense of intrigue and edge. There is a bounciness to the narrative-heavy sound and a lasting, catchy appeal that feels intoxicating and rousing, transporting you to a specific place and time thanks to the conversational imagery of Vanda’s lyrics.

“Sometimes when I listen to MARIO, I close my eyes and imagine i’m riding a rollercoaster.” Vanda says of the track. “Every peak, every valley..I am letting go of control. There is no room for fear, only exhilaration. Wild bc, the feeling you get when you hang upside down on a swing and pull yourself up as fast as you can is sonically captured here in just the right places, and for that alone, I feel we’ve done her justice.”