Immersive new single ‘Stranger’ continues to highlight Vanda’s relatable appeal

The track is the vibrant LA artist's first new release of 2024

The track is the vibrant LA artist’s first new release of 2024

From the instantly engrossing guitar loop to the artist’s captivating and alluring vocals, latest Vanda single ‘Stranger’ is a track that brings the artist’s sound into 2024 in powerful and compelling fashion, bold and expansive in its approach while having a melodic appeal that feels rewarding throughout.

The track explores the all too relatable feeling of not really recognising somebody that you used to know so intimately having drifted apart, a committed vocal performance from the artist and the aforementioned all-encompassing and expansive soundscape really bring the narrative to life and flood it with resonating and dynamic appeal throughout. This is a track that will connect with you and leave a mark on you with relative ease, thanks both to the raw and universal nature of its themes and the innate catchiness of the sound.