‘Oblivion’ is an immersive new release from Victoria Bigelow

The track is the first from the artist's upcoming project Songs For No One.

The track is the first from the artist’s upcoming project Songs For No One.

Victoria Bigelow and her stunning and immersive sound have seen a sustained rise in prominence and acclaim for the artist, with her moving array of tracks continuing to showcase the talent and depth that she possesses.

The latest release from the artist is her new single ‘Oblivion’, a thoughtful, slow burning, Americana-tinged anthem about the trials and tribulations of being young. Victoria’s quietly powerful vocals dominate the track, weaving a tale of heartbreak, loss and grief. The track feels very poised and deliberate in its style, but packs a real sense of emotion and heart that threatens to burst through and overwhelm throughout. ‘Oblivion’ is more effortlessly captivating and memorable work from an artist who continues to shine and show off the unique qualities that make her sound so engaging.