Hazy psych-pop upstarts Volleyball are at their catchy best on ‘Kitua Fortune’

The track is from the outfit's upcoming new EP of the same name.

The track is from the outfit’s upcoming new EP of the same name.

UK psych-pop outfit Volleyball have been continuing to develop upon and expand their hazy sonic world as of late with new releases building up to the release of their new EP.

The latest of which is the release’s title track ‘Kitua Fortune’, an exploratory and expansive new release that encapsulates the unique vibe and feel of the outfit and the EP. The innovative outfit arguably feel at their most catchy on the new release, with a rousing chorus that feels tailor made to whir around in your head, amidst all of the hazy and psychedelic fuzz that the outfit are known for. The track puts us another step closer to the release of an EP that proves to be a defining moment for the outfit, and this and last single ‘Hours’ imply that it might be their best work to date.