‘Not So’ is an atmospheric and effortlessly cool new release from Waking Dreams

The track is from the immersive duo's new album Sliding Lines. 

The track is from the immersive duo’s new album Sliding Lines.

Following a three year hiatus, Waking Dreams are back, and in emphatic style, releasing their brand new album Sliding Lines.

The album is the latest showcase of their immersive and modern take on 80s-tinged pop rock, complete with a renewed sense of richness and edge. One of the tracks that perfectly encapsulates the deft charm and appeal of the new LP is ‘Not So’. Jason Letkiewicz and Angela Chambers have both been away working on side projects since the release of their last album, 2020s Askew, but feel revitalised on this release, with Jason’s innovative soundscapes and Angela’s signature vocals packing a real cutting edge and impactful, atmospheric style. The track’s driving soundscape and inherent darkness provides it with this aura of composure and cool throughout, moving with purpose and an intoxicating and captivating sleep appeal throughout two and a half minutes that feel all too brief.