Where’s Sammy!? meld indie rock and funk to rousing effect on ‘Acid Rain’

The track opens up the band's long-awaited debut EP Sammy Went To Hollywood

The track opens up the band’s long-awaited debut EP Sammy Went To Hollywood

Instantly ushering you into their unique sonic world with a gorgeously funky bassline, latest Where’s Sammy!? single ‘Acid Rain’ is a true celebration of the band’s distinctive style and their unwillingness to tow the line and fall into the ever-increasing pile of similar sounding indie landfill bands.

There is a really nostalgic flair to the Essex band’s sound, with them taking influence from bands like Razorlight and The Strokes but putting their own spin on the sound and injecting them with more modern sensibilities. This inspired pairing of indie rock and funk makes for some truly one of a kind and unexpected moments, with the aforementioned bass guitar providing to be the star of the show on this new single. Where’s Sammy!? are, and continue to be a breath of fresh air, and each new release from the band just serves to reinforce that.