‘Experience or Turing’ is a haunting, gothic synth-pop gem from Yew Haiku

The track is from the artist's thoughtful and atmospheric new EP Century Gothic.

The track is from the artist’s thoughtful and atmospheric new EP Century Gothic.

An EP inspired by “visions of unnecessary technological expanse encroaching upon human nature and psychological faculties,” hardly feels like a recipe for easy listening at the best of times, but thanks to Yew Haiku and her lush, synth-pop sound there is a kind of beauty in the haunting, gothic ambience of her sound and the softness of her vocals.

While tracks like ‘Peach Nietzsche’ and ‘Real Eyes Realize Real Lies’ were released ahead of time, a track from the EP that came with the launch and really caught our attention is ‘Experience or Turing’, another track that taps into the more minimalist aspects of the artists sound, highlighting her mastery in crafting sparse atmospheric textures and thoughtful soundscapes with an effortless deftness and charm. Yew Haiku may not have the loudest or most aggressive sound, but the haunting deftness of her work and sonic palette is sure to leaves a lasting and powerful impression, from the second that the track starts to the moment that it abruptly ends.