Yianna gets romantic on ‘When I’m Loving You’

It's as smooth as it gets đź’ś

It’s as smooth as it gets đź’ś

New York-based talent Yianna debuts her new single ‘When I’m Loving You’. Writing for other artists whilst also working as a backing singer, this new track is the first to be released by Yianna so far this year.

Earnest and heartfelt, ‘When I’m Loving You’ immediately conjures an intimate atmosphere. Sultry guitar work and sparse percussion creates a dreamy air as Yianna’s soft and husky falsetto drifts through the gloom; this is only one side of her however as the full force of her dextrous vocal shines as the song progresses. It is a perfect audial reflection of all-consuming new love.

“I was really influenced by Alicia Keys during this time,” Yianna explains of her new single. “The song is about the feeling someone gives when you’re finally with them after you’ve tried to hide your emotions for so long.

“It’s about the beginning of a relationship, when things are going so well it almost feels magical,” she continues. “I think we wanted to convey that not only in the lyrics, but in the production. There’s something whimsical about that, but a sense of sadness at the end of the song because you know some things are too good to be true”.

‘When I’m Loving You’ is available now.