‘Bloodhound/Earthbound’ cements Yinyang’s place as one of Ireland’s premiere emerging talents

The track follows the unparalleled artist's explosive debut release 'Black Mamba'.

The track follows the unparalleled artist’s explosive debut release ‘Black Mamba’.

Experimental, uncompromising and often unnerving, ‘Bloodhound/Earthbound’ is the explosive new single from Irish artist Lauren Hannan, known better as Yinyang. The track is a masterful showcase of her unique blend of hip-hop and alternative pop with a sinister electronic edge, packed full of idiosyncrasy and a pulsating, fuzzy sense of danger.

Just the second release from Yinyang, this track is as much of a statement of intent as anything you’re likely to hear anytime soon. Brutal, unflinching, and unlike anything else.

Talking about the single, Lauren explains, “it’s about shedding your skin of a bad situation and understanding, on reflection, how much better you are without it. Realising you’re a bad bisssh. All my songs are characters, hence the playing cards; this is the next player in the series. All the players are an extension of me.”