‘remember’ is a stirring and impassioned single from youcallmecarla

The track showcases the emerging talent's thoughtful and powerful artistry

The track showcases the emerging talent’s thoughtful and powerful artistry

Carla Freude, better known as youcallmecarla, is an exciting German artist who’s engrossing indie pop sound has seen the artist rising in prominence and acclaim over the last few years, with a tonne of stellar releases to her name.

‘remember’ is an excellent addition to these, a reluctant ode to a past relationship that sees the artist picking up the pieces and vowing not to make the same mistakes and let in the same person that she has before. The vocals feel impassioned and fierce and the narrative is sure to strike a chord with listeners who have been in a similar situation. Sometimes the best thing to do is leave things how they are and move forward, and the artist articulates that gorgeously and in style on the track.