‘Touch Therapy’ is an empowering and fun new single from Zoe Ko

But this probably isn't one to listen to with your parents

But this probably isn’t one to listen to with your parents

Charisma and energy are two things that seem to drip from exciting New York City raised artist Zoe Ko, an artist who’s unfiltered and sex positive approach to writing has made for some of the most empowering, flirtatious and intoxicating alternative pop in recent times, with her latest single ‘Touch Therapy’ being maybe the grandest and more daring showcase of that to date.

While I would probably advise you not to listen to the song with your parents, the track is an absolute riot of a time, packed full of the artist’s fun charm and brash, all-encompassing personality and allure. Unapologetic in her recounting of an experience that she had in the back of a car, the artist’s driving rhythms and sultry guitar hooks do a great job of creating the atmosphere that the track is striving for. The kind of therapy that the artist has sought on the track is definitely unconventional, but it’s hard to argue that it didn’t do the job given the artist’s attitude on the track.

“Touch Therapy was born out of the most teenage dream night you could imagine.” Zoe Ko says of the track. “I was seeing a boy in LA and one day he drove me around to different outlook points and we eventually ended up at a drive in movie… needless to say I barely remember that movie because I couldn’t see out of the steamy windows of the back of his truck. Being from NYC this rocked my world!! I had never hooked up with a boy in a car. It was so rom com movie esque and it changed my life haha. I was hooked since that first night and it felt like therapy in a sense. So thus, my story and concept for touch therapy was born. I’m one of the most sex positive and do it for the plot people you could meet so this song felt like second nature. It was so so fun to make. Shoutout to the boy who rocked my world in the back of his truck in LA :)”