EP Review: Annabelle Walt – Chills

The artist’s debut release showcases the intimate and intoxicating nature of her developing indie pop style

With the release of her debut EP Chills, brand new artist Annabelle Walt has immediately showcased herself as one to watch on our radar thanks to an effortlessly confident and compelling sound that crafts a sultry and atmospheric feel thanks to her unique blend of indie pop, R&B and electronica, complimenting her enchanting vocals with a sound that feels alluring and slick.

The EP opens with the title track ‘Chills’, a slow-paced and intoxicating piece of seductive pop that immediately showcases the artist’s intimate and sensual appeal. It’s swaggering slow-burn approach and the empowering and assertive tone of the artist’s vocals and lyrics make for a track that burns with a sense of confidence and power that feels exhilarating, immediately highlighting the best of the artist.

The artist’s more introspective and thoughtful side emerges on the similarly catchy ‘Secret’, a track that sees Annabelle cutting a more unsure figure, exploring doubts about a relationship and the situation that she finds herself in with another. It creates a really interesting contrast to the first track where she felt so in control and fierce, and makes for a smart addition to an album that sees Annabelle showcasing different sides to her sound as an emerging artist.

The effortlessly danceable ‘When The Sun Goes Down’ sees Annabelle exploring the feeling of almost leading a double life, turning from an introvert to the life of the party when the shackles are off at night and you are free to be whoever you want. The upbeat and dynamic feel of the sound makes for an engrossing listening experience that is packed full of memorable melodies and charm, with its hypnotic soundscape and relatable lyrics feeling sure to resonate with listeners.

Annabelle keeps the hypnotic and engrossing vibes going on the sultry EP closer ‘Shell’, a track that utilises an exotic soundscape to unravel an narrative surrounding a love affair that has just began, infused with the excitement and freshness that comes with such a situation and this is portrayed throughout the track, draped across everything from the expansive production to the artist’s committed vocal performance.

Chills is an EP that works seamlessly as an introduction to Annabelle Walt and her immersive style. Her track’s often have a sultry and sexy edge to them but always feel just as thoughtful and considered as they do stylish, showcasing a depth and nuance that modern pop can often completely bypass in its search for viral bangers. Chills is a rewarding marriage of style and substance that sees the artist delve into some personal and intimate places and it feels all the stronger and more memorable for it.