EP Review: Faerie – dizzy spells

Faerie continues to push the boundaries of her unique indie pop sound on her sophomore EP dizzy spells

Having cultivated a reputation as an artist with a world of potential, armed with effortlessly magical, daydreamy soundscapes, enchanting songwriting, and a flair for the melodic and endearing, Christine Lam, better known as Faerie, has been bubbling on the cusp of the indie pop scene as she develops her immersive and thoughtful sound. On her brand new sophomore EP dizzy spells, the artist looks to have put together her most complete and captivating collection of tracks to date, showcasing the different facets of her gorgeous, textured sound across its five tracks, some of which have been drip-fed over the last year or so.

The EP opens with ‘virgo sun’, a previously unheard track from the artist that sets the tone for the EP. From the artist’s introspective longing to her stream-of-consciousness, the artist seems more than happy to spill her guts and reveal some real depth and gravity on this release, and the glittery soundscapes are more than happy to provide light in moments that would otherwise feel shrouded in darkness.

‘k-town’ follows and is a previously released track that has grown into a staple of the artist’s arsenal, boasting a brash, funky appeal that is offset with fun guitars and one of the artist’s most assured vocal performances to date. Things slow down again on ‘cheapest hotel room’, but the spacious track gives Faerie’s futuristic soundscapes and thoughtful textures a real chance to shine, with the short track making full use of its run time with little experimental quirks and left turns that continue to highlight the guile and fun charm of the artist.

‘showgirl’ is a track that feels like one of the centerpieces of the EP alongside for aforementioned ‘k-town’, a more downtrodden and introspective release that sees Faerie lingering poignantly on her words, creating one of the most atmospheric and moving moments on the offering. There is a real theatrical flair to this track that is inescapably captivating, the track slowly building and rising with an excellent sense of seductive composure and style. The EP closes out with the alluring vocal melodies of ‘champagne tears’, a track that boasts fun basslines and an shimmering soundscape to mask some more of the deeper darkness of Faerie’s lyrics.

On dizzy spells, Faerie has mastered the artist of operating on multiple frequencies, making for a collection of tracks that you can come back to multiple times for a range of different reasons. The funk-laden indie pop stays as irrepressible and fresh for each repeat listen, and makes for a danceable, impossibly fun and futuristic journey throughout, but it is when analysing the work and the lyrics at a deeper level that you can find the subtle darkness and emotion that lies beneath the shiny exterior. A wonderfully poised and memorable piece of work from an artist who continues to push the boundaries of her already mesmerising unique sound.