EP Review: Future Mondays – Future Mondays

New York band Future Mondays showcase a dynamic and modern rock and roll sound on their self-titled debut EP

With the kind of nostalgic rock and roll flair that has seen bands like The Gaslight Anthem rise to prominence over the last twenty years, New York’s Future Mondays released their self-titled debut EP in 2023 to fervent acclaim, boasting a sound that is packed in both an upbeat and dynamic edge while maintaining an authentic, earnest quality thanks to the rawness and emotion that is etched across it. As the band look to make 2024 an even bigger year than the last, we’re taking a look back at a collection of three exciting tracks that you may have missed towards the end of the year.

‘Play The Fool’ is the opener on the EP and feels like a full-blooded showcase of everything that makes Future Mondays feel so exciting and revered. Driving rhythms and impassioned vocals light up the track, providing it with a timeless alternative rock sound that wouldn’t feel out of place in any era of the genre over the last forty years. The track feels accessible and catchy in a radio-friendly way while having a powerful and emphatic edge that feels endlessly energetic and rousing.

There is a slightly darker side to the outfit on display on the emo-tinged ‘Angel of Light’, a track that incorporates pianos into their sound to give it a bit more of a moody appeal, while still showcasing the soaring and infectious tendencies of its predecessor. The track does a great job of expanding upon their sound and giving it a bit more of a atmospheric feel while holding onto that Future Mondays appeal that has already been established.

The EP reaches an all-encompassing climax in the form of ‘Spent / Burnt’, a balls-to-the-wall, classic rock anthem that feels inescapably rousing and relatable throughout. An all too resonating narrative about feeling burnt out and struggling ties itself in really nicely with the muscular sound, ending the EP on a thoughtful note of resilience and perseverance, cathartic in the extreme and sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners who can see themselves in the lyrics.

While only three tracks long, the band’s debut EP does an excellent job of establishing Future Mondays and exactly what themselves and their sound are all about. In a world where music is often full of bells and whistles and smoke and mirrors, the band seem to pride themselves on being an authentic and powerful showcase of what modern rock and roll can be, and these tracks do a great job of underlining their prowess. We look forward to hearing what else the band have in store.