EP Review: Bailey Grey – Oh, Mother

Bailey Grey uses a range of styles and genres to recount personal experiences on her engrossing sophomore EP Oh, Mother

Influenced by a range of different genres and styles, London based New Jersey singer-songwriter and actor Bailey Grey has established herself as a nuanced and thoughtful artist who’s distinctive allure and style connects with listeners on a deep and profoundly honest level. The release of her brand new sophomore EP Oh, Mother provides an enchanting and engrossing look into her varied sound and expansive charm.

The EP opens with the compelling title track ‘Oh, Mother’, an ode to both nature and women, drawing parallels between the two in symbolic and empowering fashion. The rousing and raw nature of the soundscape and performance, and a thoughtful narrative about the beauty of nature and its maternal aura feels inspired throughout the track.

Existential dread seeps in on ‘BY DESIGN’, and the EP switches from paying homage to nature and its wonder to taking aim at the people who seem hell bent on trying to destroy it. The more dynamic and punchy nature of the track does a great job of exemplifying some of the rage and frustration that the artist has for the impact that humans have had on the world, somewhat intent at extracting every inch of fibre or life that we can from anything that we can get our hands on. The track showcases a sassier side to Bailey Grey, and its potent cautionary tale feels like it is only going to grow more relevant as time passes.

‘Gut Feeling’ is a breakup anthem that sees the artist pivot into effortlessly charming and funk-laden territory, packed full of endlessly satisfying grooves and a flair for the irresistible. The artist’s forthright writing and vulnerable, honest lyricism lends itself perfectly to the track, making for a track that makes you want to dance as much as it will resonate with your core. Anyone who has felt like something wasn’t right or had reservations about a situation will find a lot to relate to here, and the sultry and vibrant allure of the soundscape elevates it even further.

The EP closes out with ‘Paper Airplane’, a rock-edged and powerful single about feeling unheard or ignored, much like a paper airplane aimlessly drifting around unnoticed. Once again, the earnest nature of the artist’s songwriting provides the track with a really thoughtful feel throughout, while the emphatic and charged nature of the guitars and rhythms further assert a message of wanting to be seen and heard.

Throughout Oh, Mother, Bailey Grey paints the picture of an artist who has a lot to say, and is more than capable of utilising a range of styles and genres to amplify her messages and match the tone and theme of her work with an effortless flair. The distinctive nature of her writing and powerful vocals means that her unique DNA runs through each other the tracks and ties them together, no matter how far they stray away musically, making for a sound that feels expansive and wildly exciting while never feeling out of place. Oh, Mother was built to make you feel things and explore some of Bailey’s personal experiences and stories, and does a great job of bringing you along for the ride in immersive and stirring fashion.