‘Magic Cauldron’ is a kaleidoscope of creativity and charm from Josh Ingledew

The track is the third single from the artist's highly-awaited upcoming album Beautiful Weird

The track is the third single from the artist’s highly-awaited upcoming album Beautiful Weird

UK producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Josh Ingledew is building a growing reputation as an artist who possesses a distinctive style and thoughtful allure. His unique alternative pop sound encompasses genres like psychedelia, power pop and prog to create something that feels entirely his own.

The latest single from the artist is the kaleidoscopic and compelling ‘Magic Cauldron’, the third and final single from his upcoming album Beautiful Weird. The track’s inspirations came from both 60s pop music and the iconic soundtrack to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, making for an eclectic and diverse palette of sounds that do a great job of encapsulating the artist’s adventurous appeal. Throw in a raucous guitar solo towards the end, and you have an endlessly interesting and thoughtful new single that is vacuum packed full of surprises and moments capable of leaving you in awe and admiration.