‘Sweet Sensation’ is an immersive and atmospheric new release from Klaverson

The track is the first taste of the artist's upcoming debut EP Reflections

The track is the first taste of the artist’s upcoming debut EP Reflections

Since emerging in 2022, rising UK artist Klaverson has done a stellar job of winning over the hearts and minds of listeners thanks to his moody and atmospheric brand of alternative R&B. The artist has a distinctive appeal and flair that feels instantly engrossing from the moment that his track’s start, with each new release feeling as intoxicating and memorable as the last.

In May of this year, the artist is slated to release his highly-awaited debut EP Reflections, and the first taste of it comes in the form of new single ‘Sweet Sensation’. The new release is one that feels resonating and euphoric from the moment that its slow build begins, providing an aura of calm and serenity alongside lyrics of love and unbridled joy, the thrill of living in the moment and being present. The track has mountains of slickness and appeal throughout, and has us patiently awaiting the full release of the EP in a few months.