Album Review: Inki – Thoughts Midsentence

The Icelandic artist showcases the all-encompassing power of her atmospheric and innovative style on new album Thoughts Midsentence

Icelandic artist Inki is somebody who truly fits into the mould of what is expected from artists from a region known for creating some of the most expansive and creative alternative acts of recent times. Her meticulously composed and innovative sounds have long seen the artist lauded by tastemakers and listeners alike, and the release of her new album Thoughts Midsentence has only continued to enhance her reputation and status.

The distinctive allure and tone of the release is made readily apparent as soon as its title track ‘Thoughts Midsentence’ kicks off, immediately swarming you with an array of sounds and ideas in energetic and dynamic fashion, full of stylistic left-turns and packed full of exciting moments that have you sat up and taking notice.

This is followed by ‘Destructive Interference’, a track that is arguably the artist’s most successful single to date and it is easy to see why. Everything here from the layered vocals to the atmospheric swell of the instrumental makes for this immersive and all-encompassing listening experience that captivates and beguiles you, melding the ethereal and the dark with a compelling ease.

Tracks like ‘Silverlight’ and ‘This One For Me’ continue to build upon this atmospheric electronic world and aura that the artist has created on the LP, with ‘For You’ serving as something of an intense interlude to break things up. These tracks continue to see the artist continue to experiment with her sound while putting more of an emphasis on her powerful yet soft vocals, with the former doing a great job with the kind of moody organ sounds of the interlude.

Things go from the brooding and dark to a more upbeat, dance-orientated sound on the energetic ‘Barefoot on the Dancefloor’, a track that holds onto the artist’s more creative sensibilities and the unique tone of the album while injecting it with a bit more of a euphoric, euro-dance edge that feels fresh and exciting while never pulling from the distinctive appeal of the rest of the release.

Melding intense, experimental soundscapes with catchy hooks and thoughtful ideas is a formula that Inki has perfected over her time as an artist, and the vibrant ‘Playing With Fire’ is another release that brings all of her unique appeal and cutting edge to the fore. As daring as it is catchy and as sharp-edged as it is captivating, the track builds and builds to something that feels exhilarating and fierce and feels compelling every step of the way.

A more stripped-back side to the artist’s sound emerges on ‘Svifa’, a track that has a really powerful and thoughtful appeal to it stylistically, with her unique soundscapes used to create something that feels altogether more pure and beautiful than the all-encompassing darkness and atmospheric tones that have often been created prior. The track not only serves as a moment of catharsis and beauty on the album, but also showcases the sheer depth and range of the artist and her sound.

In an other display of the artist’s cunning and creative appeal, the album features an inspired cover of Arctic Monkeys single ‘Do I Wanna Know?’, a release that highlights the artist’s ability to make the release feel entirely her own thanks to just how unique and distinctive her sound feels. Inki puts an entirely new slant and feel on the sound, and continues to highlight just how groundbreaking and one-of-a-kind her sound truly is.

The album closes out with the delicate and intimate ‘Without You’, a track that feels like a fitting moment of closure to an album that packs so many ideas and thoughtful moments into its runtime, opting for something that feels more sentimental and stirring as opposed to the chaos that has engulfed so much of the album. The track still has the entirely unique charm that the artist has made her own, but finds a sweet spot between creative and moving that hits in just the right places.

On the whole Thoughts Midsentence¬†feels like an incredible album and undertaking that only Inki could have made. Every facet of it, from the wholly distinctive production, to the atmospheric and immersive soundscapes and moments of darkness, euphoria, catharsis, joy and sorrow, it all feels anchored by the longing and all-encompassing nature of the artist’s appeal and charm. A truly powerful and memorable album from an anomaly of an artist who’s creativity and passion knows no bounds.