EP Review: Izzy Pingrey – junior

17-year-old New York artist Izzy Pingrey explores adolescence and coming of age on her stellar debut EP junior

Since the release of her debut release ‘sick of it’ back in April, rising New York artist Izzy Pingrey has been releasing charming and relatable indie pop tracks that unfold almost like a diary, documenting her coming-of-age journey in real time and amassing a litany of supporters and fans in the process. These tracks have formed her debut EP junior, a release that contextualises the artist’s appeal and the lasting potential of her prodigious talent.

The artist’s debut single is the perfect place to start on the EP, with her infectious attitude and heartfelt vulnerability creating an interesting dichotomy that showcases the range and creativity of her sound, as the artist explores being a young person and needing to stand up for herself and take a stand.

This is followed by ‘narcissus’, a track that goes all in on the more attitude-filled and fiery aspects of the track, as the artist denounces one-way friendships and refuses to waste her energy on people who won’t do the same. Despite the more stripped-back nature of the soundscape here, the artist’s passion and fire is enough to light the track up in emphatic fashion, and continues to attest to her staying power as an artist.

Things take a turn for the more carefree and easy-going on ‘perfume’, with the artist crafting a light-hearted ode to all of the people who have surrounded the artist with good vibes, serving as a celebration of their closeness. The EP does a really great job of showcasing these different facets and moods of the artist’s adolescence without feeling disjointed or disconnected as a result, with the artist’s thoughtful writing style and memorable personality serving as a thread that ties everything together.

The final track on junior is ‘flatline’, an irresistibly hooking and immersive release that finds the artist falling love for the first time, set alongside an intoxicating pop-rock sound that provides a jagged edge to an otherwise emotional send off for the EP, further evidencing a creative spark in the artist and a need to put inject her unique sense of character into her work.

The EP explores four different aspects of the artist’s life and as a result, showcases four different sides to her sound and style that all feel distinctive and packed full of life and charm. The release is coated in personality and appeal throughout, maintaining an engrossing, poppy allure while demonstrating a willingness to try different things and explore with her sound. junior is the perfect introduction to Izzy Pingrey and her sound, and a release that should see her continue to ascend in the same way that she already has in such a short space of time.